6 Reason that why you should always use liquid detergent in washing machine

Detergent is the main component of laundry. Without detergent, washing machines are useless. So it is mandatory to buy detergent to wash your clothes.

There are two types of detergents available in the market for washing clothes, one is liquid, and the other is powder. But in washing machine it is always recommended to use liquid detergent. And in this article, I am going to give you the exact answer that why you should opt for liquid detergent over powder. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Benefits of liquid detergent over powder detergent.

Liquid detergent quickly dissolves in all formats of water whether it is hot, warm or cold. but powder detergent does not dissolve quickly.

Some powder detergent leaves their undissolved particle inside the washing machine, which can lead to zam the water drainage system or other parts eventually. But it is not in the case of liquid detergent.

There is no bleach in the liquid detergent so it is ideal for washing silk and woolen clothes like blanket towel etc.

Liquid detergents are very concentrated. You can wash dozens of clothes even pouring a small amount of detergent into the deck. So you need not to worry about running out of detergent every month.

You need to be very careful while pouring the powder detergent into the detergent deck as they are powder and can be scattered while pouring, on the other hand, there is not any tension in the case of liquid detergent. You can easily pour exact amount of liquid very easily.

Some washing machine comes with some special type of dispenser which is best-suited fort liquid detergent.


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