10 best hand mixers in India.

Best hand mixer in india

Do you love to eat fluffiest cream with bread? Are you getting a lot of problems in whipping egg whites or kneading dough? Then you should buy a hand mixer. Because it gives super mixing results with the flick of a switch, which cannot be achieved by hand. The market is flooded with a lot …

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Top 10 best hand blenders in India

Best hand blenders in india

Hand blenders are also known as the immersion and stick blenders are one of the must need kitchen appliances when it comes to instant food prep or whipping up a quick solo smoothie or soup. These are very convenient and easy to use, in fact for blending you do not need to pure the ingredient …

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Safety precaution in room heaters

Saftey precaution in room heaters

Room heaters are the most essential product to stay warm in the heavy cold but before using we should aware of these safety precautions. Room heaters are not good for health it burns the oxygen while heating and reduce the humidity. So, it is recommended not to use room heaters overnight to safe from suffocation. …

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Top 10 best room heater in India

Best room heaters in India

Winter is about to come and we all know-how valuable heat these days. So room heaters are the most needed home appliance in these days to get rid out from heavy chill. But finding a best room heater is not an easy task especially when there are lots of brand and variants present in the …

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How to maintain your induction cooktop?

how to maintain your induction cooktop

Induction cooktops surfaces are made of glass and therefore show dirt and all of the minor stains up. This can be a both a benefit and a drawback because, while nobody wants to see unclean surfaces, the simple fact your cooktop will emphasize all of the locations which are not clean means you are more …

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What should you buy IFB washing machine or LG washing machine?


IFB washing machine If washing clothing with hands is a nightmare, then you must try IFB front loading washing machine that makes you like the very best washing machine experience. It’s the most widely used brands available in the marketplace due to smart layout structure and tank capacity. This superb device removes bacteria odor from …

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Working of a washing machine.

Working of a washing machine

Parts of a Washing Machine There are several parts of washing machine, let us see one by one – this will also help us understand the inner workings of the washing machine and how it wash the clothes. 1) Water inlet control valve: Near the water inlet point of the washing machine there is a …

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