Safety precaution in room heaters

Room heaters are the most essential product to stay warm in the heavy cold but before using we should aware of these safety precautions.

  • Room heaters are not good for health it burns the oxygen while heating and reduce the humidity. So, it is recommended not to use room heaters overnight to safe from suffocation. Although the oil-filled radiant room heater can overcome this problem it is not that effective and I never prefer to take a risk with your health. And if you have a disease like asthma then simply you should avoid room heaters.
  • Do not cover the room heater or put any inflammable substance near to it because it may lead to catching fire due to overheating.
  • Avoid your kids to play around it or put it on a little high so that your kid would not reach it. Although some room heater comes with cool to touch body they are not fully safe.
  • If you are using convection room heater then you should not touch it while on. Because the body of the convection room heaters are fully metal body so it will heat with the heating of the heater and also there is a chance of passing of electric current.
  • It is always recommended to go for a room heater which has a thermostatic heat controller because it protects your room heater from overheating.
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