Six tips to Maintain your mixer grinder at Best working condition

We are listing the seven easy and easy to follow keeping up and cleaning process which you may do or cleaning agent. As you’re planning to wash your mixer grinder keep them in mind also make it seem like brand new.

1. Wash it thoroughly after each use

It’s vital to keep them clean after each use Since the mixer grinders are used in the kitchen. In the event you can not adhere to a cleaning process that is protracted frequently, we’d recommend you rub on the mixer grinder and to acquire a wipe. Have a moist wipe to eliminate access soap option from the device once done.

2. Make Sure your jars perfectly matches in the blades

The majority of the users switch on the device and do not listen that if the jar has been fitted onto the device. This may affect the functioning of this mixer grinder and could damage the blade of machine and this jar. Be certain before switching on the machine jar is locked.

3. Adhere to a weekly pattern to Wash the jars along with the machine

Aside from the cleaning regimen, be certain that you stick to the cleanup regime. You may search for the debris and wash out the machine to improve its life and functionality As a result. To be able to wash it, you may go with a way of dishwasher water and gel (in equal portions ) or utilize the organic cleansers such as lime, baking soda along with other people to make your machine look like fresh.

4. Utilize the ingredients. Using too hot components can severely hurt the jars

Ensure the components you’re currently using for grinding, are in the space temperature. The components can harm system and the jar in which the jar matches in. By making sure that the components are at room temperature you Cannot only prevent load but can have functionality that is greater

5. Use only recommended accessories

Be certain you use the accessories to acquire the confidence of performance. The device may not be fired by the accessories from a shop or manufacturer properly in which the jar matches in, and you are able to damage the mould.

6. Assign a proper location at the kitchen for utilizing the machine

Make sure you have a space where the mixer grinder can be readily used by you without even going into another. You maintain your mixer grinder protected from the and may prevent the mismanagement In that way.

These tips can help you a great deal in cleaning and keeping the mixer grinders that increases operation and the life of the machine. Consequently, if you looked to use your mixer grinder to the upcoming few years you need to adhere to the things that are above-listed .


In all, in case you’ve got a mixer grinder in your home and use it frequently, then you need to keep the above-listed points in mind and use them regularly to assist the mixer grinder to function you longer.Good care can assist the mixer grinder operate indefinitely until you’re trying to find a powerful and innovative alternative for your property.

Select a mixer grinder that is ideal and adhere to the recommendations that are above-listed to allow it to serve you for decades.

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