Types of washing machine in India. Difference between Fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machine.

This is the most common question arise when you are going to buy a washing machine.

So read this article to get clarity while choosing a washing machine.

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fully-automatic washing machine.

A fully automatic washing machine does what the name says.  It has several programs and washing modes that will work at the push of a button. The washing machine does everything automatically, so once you’ve picked your program there is no need to do anything else. It will clean your clothes more thoroughly than a semi-automatic washing machine.

Again there are two types of fully automatic washing machines. Top load and front load.

Top load fully-automatic washing machines.

This machine is narrower than front load machines, and you have to load your clothes on the top. Here are the pros and cones of the top load washing machine.


  • Lower cost than front-load fully-automatic washing machines.
  • Lighter in weight.
  • Consumes less energy
  • Faster clean


  • It consumes more water.
  • You need a running water source to get the machine to complete the automatic cycle.
  • Less clean quality

Front load fully-automatic washing machines

these washing machines have a door on the front side where you can load your clothes. Here are the pros and cones of front load washing machine


  • Better wash quality, because of their long wash cycles and tumble wash.
  • Less water required.
  • Has more cycle settings.


And Cons

  • More expensive.
  • Heavier than top load models.
  • Takes up more space.
  • Long washing period.

Semi automatic washing machine

A Semi-automatic washing machine requires manual intervention in the controls. These are generally twin tub machines. After the clothes are washed in one tub, they need to transfer to the second tub for spinning.  It is fully manual washer and the only automatic thing is the timer automatically stops when it reaches to zero, Thats it.


  • Does not need a continuous water connection
  • no electronic component required
  • Easy repair
  • Clothes can be dried and washed at the same time. It has two tubs one washer and another dryer.
  • Anyone can use it.


  • Need more space.
  • Water needs to be closed once filled
  • Require regular attention.
  • Manual drain and refill operation
  • Change the clothes from washer to dryer in order to dry clothes.
  • No child childe lock feature.

I highly recommend you to go for an fully automatic washing machine, it is very hassle-free. It requires only one-time installation. Your tap remains open throughout process. It has an inbuilt valve which controls water flow. There is no need to do anyting once you start a program. You can do your work or sleep. When you get up you will see your clothes are washed, rinsed and dried. Also it will resume the process itself once electricity comes back.

Also Read best top and front load washing machine in India.

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